Create your dream bed in five steps

Gather inspiration and put together your perfect night

Step 1: Stylish serenity with the perfect box spring & springs

Both an adjustable and non-adjustable bed can be fitted with legs of an ideal height. Our advice: a bed height, including legs, between 50 and 65 centimetres. In addition, the full height for getting into bed is determined by the height of your box spring and mattress. A height that is more or less level with the back of your knees is suitable. This minimises the strain on knees and back.


  • You will experience the ultimate sleeping comfort with double zoned springs.
  • A low bed makes the bedroom seem more spacious.
  • When deciding on the length, you can apply the rule '20 cm above your height'. This way, you can be sure of an ergonomic and comfortable sleep.

Step 2: Your mattress as a comfortable homecoming

Pick both the core and the cover of the mattress. Choose consciously and think about lying comfort, firmness, ventilation, heat insulation and moisture regulation of the mattress. The right mattress also supports the shoulders, hips and lumbar region. There is a choice of Tender, Comfort and Support versions. Each mattress is fully adapted to the Magnitude® box spring for optimal ease of use and comfort.

Step 3: A personal touch with the appropriate headboard and footboard

Make a completely personal choice for the headboard and footboard of your dream bed. You can choose from the most diverse shapes. A straight, honest model without excess frills or a stylistic baroque headboard finished with buttons. Height and width can often be adjusted to your wishes.

Step 4: Choose the fabric that suits your dream feeling

From autumnal, cosy chestnut tones with ton-sur-ton patterns inspired by old England to soft, soothing pastels that will make you drift away. Cotton, linen, leather,  ... Whichever look you choose, you will enjoy complete freedom. The possibilities are endless.

Step 5: Finish your ultimate sleeping experience down to the last detail

The sturdy sleeping base is ready. Time to complete your ultimate sleeping experience with elements such as a bed bench, ottoman or atmosphere-enhancing bedside tables. Your options are also endless when it comes to furnishings: a plaid, bedspread or valance, decorative cushions, bolster cushions, … Your room, your choices.