About Magnitude

Our story

Magnitude is the unique bed concept that allows you to create your very own bed. You upholster, you style, you combine, so that your bed provides all the indulgence you want. Luxurious or minimal, sleek or lavish, cool or comfortable, Magnitude inspires and makes you dream away.

The night is yours, the future is now

Today, Magnitude steps into the future, together with you. We are fully ready for whatever you throw at us. With knowledge and craftsmanship, as always, but also with renewed inspiration. From now on, we will share our passion. With respect for the past, with love for the future.

Surrender to the luxury and sensuality of Magnitude. Handmade, exclusive and Belgian.

Magnitude moves

Beauty reinvents itself over and over again. What moves us today is different from yesterday. Magnitude keeps its finger on the pulse and evolves with it. Surrendering to the night is a wonderful allusion. Leaving everything behind, letting yourself be rocked by the arms of sleep, who doesn't like that?


Magnitude makes the dream come true again with a powerful, hypnotic movement. We unite elegance with strength, sensuality with energy. In fiery red, the colour of passion, love and danger, a colour that leaves no one unmoved. Magnitude moves us.