EDEN by Maghalie Dooms

With Maghalie Dooms, Magnitude broadens the image of the classic box spring into a fashionable design.

Year 2014

This featured project in collaboration with Maghalie Dooms unveils a Sense of Time concept. Magnitude therefore broadens the image of the classic box spring into a fashionable design.

A slumbering, blissful night

The luxury of haute couture sleeping comfort is enriched by time-related images, experiences, thoughts, feelings, facts, needs and desires. Your bedroom is actually the space where the time dimension manifests itself. Every twenty-four hours, day fades into night and vice versa. The sun slumbers away and the night shimmers for rest.

Past meets Present

Conscious becomes unconscious. Lie down, relax, muse about today, think about tomorrow, doze off, sleep, dream. After which the day dawns again and minutes grow into hours, days, weeks, months and years. This passage of time also evokes thoughts and feelings, consciously and unconsciously. Where does time go? Past meets Present: sweet memories from the past, real dreams for now and into the future.

Maghalie Dooms

Perception of time is personal, but it is also etched in the collective memory. Archetypal images, memories, experiences, feelings everyone knows. I translated these into the 'Sense of Time' concept.

Abstract time is symbolised in a 'dreamlike' box spring bed, styled with luxurious textiles. Shapes, materials, textures and colours intuitively form an aesthetic and sensuous time image. The result was nicknamed 'Eden'. A sophisticated creation that alludes to the different images of life through time.

Cosy in bed

Come to a standstill - or rather lie down - with the blissful feeling of 'cosy in bed'. Where the day can fade away and stay in the background. Where all worries can take a rest, tucked away until another moment. Maybe even stop time and steal a few minutes before the bell of dawn rings. Being able to roll over and snooze for a moment longer. Stretching your arms out in the air and taking a deep breath.

Cherishing everything that was and seemed so ordinary as an extra deep experience. Memories float by. The thick, fluffy pillows that used to fill your bed as a child, a night full of excitement in the guest bed at grandma's or grandpa's. Along with that, the bright white colour and fresh scent of the bed linen makes its appearance. Secretly testing the mattress springs or being able to hide under the thick blankets. The 'Eden' makes it all so beautifully worry-free.

Sensational comfort

The overwhelming pillow headboard reflects a nostalgic era and sensational comfort. It is extra voluptuously padded; its quilted and easily removable cover is seemingly casually finished with double flap edges. Who could  resist the temptation of this monumental pillow in its prime? Who wouldn't have trouble getting up? The design speaks of spontaneity and security: an emotional aesthetic.

The bed's furnishings also shine with a lavish profusion of soft pillows, fluffy duvets, and an extremely loose-fitting, long bed skirt. The fabrics form a silky to velvety dream, a tactile voyage of discovery through the world of soft textures. The subtle colour palette is an ode to nostalgic times: bliss, fair, hay, mist, denim and blush.

About Maghalie Dooms

Maghalie Dooms (born 1988) is a promising young talent. With her multidisciplinary expertise and experimental creativity, she has quickly established herself as an authentic textile expert.

Maghalie Dooms feels textiles, thinks in images and works in spaces. Her creativity is shaped ― and nurtured ― by multiple disciplines: visual and architectural arts, photography, textile design, techniques and materials. As a result, 'textile' is so much more than 'a fabric'. She passionately experiments with tactility, structures, designs and colours. But it doesn't stop there: she also focuses on the visual, emotional, technical, spatial, cultural and social dimensions of and with textiles.