Sundae - Season 3.0

After two successful renovation projects, Sundae launched a third season. This time, Magnitude is one of the friends!

Year 2024

One of the friends

Magnitude is one of the friends contributing to Season 3.0 of Sundae’s renovation projects, alongside brands such as Clarysse, Vande Moortel, Luxaflex and Maatkasten Online.

Naturally, our responsibility involves the bedroom where we inspire the family of an art-deco house with our wide range of products. In this way, we give free rein to their creativity to turn the Master Bedroom and the Kids Corners into the bedroom interior of their dreams.

A fitting mood board

Magnitude Signature bed: ‘Passion’ is one of the bigger themes in this project, which of course leads you quickly to our Signature bed. A culmination of Sophisticated Red that ensures the softest nights and sweetest dreams. Soon you will see lots more inspiration from Magnitude for the interior decoration of other bedrooms.

Who or what exactly is ‘Sundae’?

Sundae is an online platform packed with inspiration for your home interior. Dive into authentic living stories of real people with various styles, from DIY to design. Indulge in renovation projects where, step by step, an old building is given a new lease of life.

The driving force behind the brand is Eline Rousseau. As the founder of Roomblush, she combines her experience in interior design and marketing to create authentic and inspiring content.

Ready, set, go!

Currently, Season 3.0 by Sundae is in its final stage of structural work. New insulated brickwork was installed on the rear facade and the old windowsills were restored. The art-deco house is undergoing a complete transformation, but we are already eager to unleash our Magnitude craft on the house!