Awaken the passion of Refined Red with our Signature Bed

Signature Bed

After a sweltering Indian summer, we are slowly getting ready for many comfy evenings indoors. Snuggled up under the sheets with the cosy warmth as our faithful companion. Because honestly, what could be better than enjoying intimate moments together in a bed that radiates both passion and luxury?

Magnitude recognises this desire and makes this passionate dream a reality with our latest Signature Bed. We awaken the excitement of Refined Red and take you on a dream journey of seduction. A contemporary masterpiece that promises you the cosiest of nights and delivers on that promise.

A passionate touch with an extraordinary bed.

The Colour of Seduction

Autumn calls for renewal. Away from the everyday. That’s why Magnitude fully opts for passionate red, the colour of devotion. The colour of passion, seduction and excitement, as well as power and strength. The cold stays outside; and inside, we choose heat.

The headboard of our Signature Bed is framed with a warm red piping that immediately catches the eye. A subtle contrasting shade that harmonises perfectly with the calm ivory of the bed. The result is simply breathtaking.

Contemporary design for the discerning sleeper

Our Signature Bed is not just a visual piece of bespoke workmanship, but also very practically designed. The slim box spring and loop-shaped legs provide a contemporary look with a touch of elegance, perfectly suited for modern interiors. Allow yourself to disappear into the enigma of the night, surrounded by the passion of the Signature Bed by Magnitude.

Surrender to the temptation and embrace the Belgian craftsmanship of Magnitude