Kelly Claessens - La Fabrika

If any interior expert can work wonders with colour, it’s La Fabrika’s Kelly Claessens.

Year 2024

Watch The Stars

We asked Kelly Claessens (La Fabrika) to give us a fresh take on our collection, and indeed our dream came true. Her inspiring setting will surely also exceed your wildest expectations. Below we give you a sneak peek at her choices.

From Carte Blanche to Pastel Punch

“Magnitude’s collection is plug and play. A real playground for me. During the shoot, I learned that I had been causing the team some stress as the headboard I chose was not a typical match for the bed frame. Well, this is typical me ... (laughs) and at the same time proof that hyper-personalisation is possible at Magnitude. In the end, I went for soft curves that are now on-trend, but not too much.”

Belgian quality and creativity

"I like working with brands from our very own country. We are still too modest about the know-how and talent in Belgium. You can decorate your entire house beautifully with only Belgian things. Magnitude combines craft – as well as that complete finish! – with lots of options. Why would you look further afield?"

Kelly Claessens

"Magnitude combines top Belgian craftsmanship with a wide selection. So why look any further?"

Kelly’s tips & tricks

  1. For a harmonious atmosphere, very simply combine colours that are next to each other in the colour wheel. Calming complementary shades - such as green, blue and purple - are recommended for a bedroom.
  2. Spice it up! Feel free to play with different sizes, heights and colours for bedside tables and lamps. That way, you add personality and creativity to the room.
  3. With a rug under the bed, you bring extra comfort and warmth, and you connect the different shades and decorative elements into a beautiful ensemble.