AREA by Alain Gilles

The bedroom is 'your' prime space to find peace, warmth, comfort, and geniality. The ultimate enjoyment. Limited Edition 2012.

Year 2012

The bedroom is 'your' prime space. The place where you find peace, warmth, comfort and geniality. The ultimate enjoyment. Award-winning designer Alain Gilles wanted to break free from 'sleeping' here. After all, the room can be so much more. Think of work, inspiration, wellness. That is why he aimed to create a room within a room.

Away from the classic set-up

The result: the AREA bed that moves away from the classic bed arrangement. Thanks to the modular system, you can arrange your bedroom according to your own wishes and vision. Open or closed, austere or cocoon... Anything is possible. Your bedroom breathes freely thanks to the airy and light elements. ‘Area’ redefines the dynamics and architecture of the bedroom. Experiment and create your ultimate dream.

Alain Gilles

I didn't just want to focus on the bed, but also look architecturally at how you can redefine a bedroom.

A bed of vision and imagination

Everything revolves around the idea that the bedroom is so much more than just a 'sleeping' room. It can be combined with a bathroom, office or extra living space. These additional functionalities offer a lot of possibilities and perspectives. The bed becomes a focal point, an anchor in the room. A central component that divides and separates the room. This concept therefore redefines the overall design and dynamics of the bedroom. AREA is clear, relevant and complete.

Bedside table as an open box

The 'Area' design consists of several panels. Depending on the bed, you can choose a particular panel that allows you to create a straight line or an angle. You can start designing your own bed by playing with the different elements. Together with the headboard, Alain Gilles also designed a lamp, which you can move and position over the edge of the bed. The night tables were designed as an open box, playing with shadows instead of hiding things away.

About Alain Gilles

After a career in the financial sector, Alain Gilles started a second life as an industrial designer. First at Xavier Lust and then at the renowned Quinze & Milan. Since 2007, the Brussels-based designer has also enjoyed success under his own name in the world of product and furniture design. He has worked with numerous international manufacturers such as Casamania, Bonaldo, Buzzispace, Galerie Gosserez, Qui est Paul and o'sun.

Because of his 'ethical, industrial and aesthetic qualities', he was awarded the title of most innovative and productive Belgian designer of the year in 2012.