Dream along with the fairytale world of STUDIO | Nedda. Slowly climb into the blissful bed and sink down into a mellifluously soft night’s sleep. Limited Edition 2016.

Year 2016

The project was named Hans Christian. It symbolises the natural rhythm of light and shadow, of day and night; it follows the instinctive rhythm of colours, textures and volumes. A fairytale that sounds almost too good to be true, but with traditional craftsmanship, Magnitude effectively creates regal luxury and a universal feeling of endless dreaming away.

Sophisticated design

The design alludes to the bed of the fairytale princess. At lightning speed, the entire castle was searched from top to bottom for mattresses. Thick or thin, new or old, it didn't matter. In no time, a towering bed was ready: a stacked pile of mattresses. 'Hans Christian' follows the contours of this mountain — although the pile has been reduced from 20 to 8 mattresses. The rushed atmosphere is sublimely designed: each mattress has a different volume.

You get the impression that these mattresses are also simply placed on top of each other: quickly, yet neatly. Nothing could be further from the truth! 'Hans Christian': a paragon of sophisticated design, worked out down to the last detail. This is exactly what STUDIO | Nedda and Magnitude® do best!

Artisan craftsmanship

Experience the illusion of several stacked mattresses, haphazardly thrown on top of each other. In reality, you get a classy design, finished by Magnitude's master upholsterers. It's in their fingers, their genes and every fibre of their body. Top-level craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and continuously perfected.

'Hans Christian' consists of a headboard and upholstered bed frame that is 48 cm high. Horizontal indentations delineate the pseudo-mattresses, layer after layer. The pseudo-pile is fully upholstered. The soft layers flow gently into the deep grooves. The subtle spacing is lifelike. This creates a natural rhythm of light on the 'mattresses' and the shadow between them.

Delightful fairytale dream

'Hans Christian' magnificently suggests the towering feel of the fairytale bed. You don't crawl onto it; you climb onto it – so to speak. Every night anew, you experience the fairytale of the princess. Sleep on a heavenly level and dream in a royal atmosphere.

You sleep with a princely feeling of 'heavenly' space: your mattress is surrounded by a 12 cm wide edge. Elevated, you dream away. This feeling is enhanced by the pseudo-floating construction. The bed stands on 8 cm high, blind legs: they are invisibly far away. That is unique (and) practical: you can clean under the bed. You experience a clean-proof fairy tale.

Luxury steps as a finishing touch for the bedside table

As a final touch, this royal sleeping experience also offers a luxuriously upholstered walnut bedside table. The three steps are ideal for setting up your things: lovely! You don't have to lose sleep over the upholstery: the look is soft; the surface is sturdy. Feel free to place a glass of wine on it. Even though it looks like a stepladder, it is not recommended that you stand on it.

The musical pea

You may be thinking: "Isn't there a crucial detail missing from the princess fairytale?" Well, the little pea is also respected by the Hans Christian. In fact, this little gem reveals another little secret. The little green pea has become a wooden ball. It is not hidden under a pile of mattresses, but hangs within easy reach, between two pseudo-mattresses. Just pull the cord. Listen and enjoy the lullaby tune, and dream away harmoniously.

This clever fairytale in a nutshell? A top-notch creation by STUDIO | Nedda.