STARRY NIGHT by Roel Vandebeek

The renaissance of the bed. The iconic image of the antique French cast-iron bed awakens in an haute couture design.

Year 2022

The renaissance of the bed. The iconic image of the antique French cast-iron bed awakens in an haute couture design with the unique craft of our master upholsterers taking a starring role. With this footboard, Magnitude® translates the safe, nostalgic sleeping experience of the past into the comfort and quality of a contemporary luxury design.

Where craftsmanship and luxury come together

“I was particularly struck by the passion for the craft and the applied expertise for upholstery and stitching. Given the complexity of this métier, I certainly wanted to translate this great quality into my design.” This is how Roel Vandebeek created an archetypal image of the past: the antique French cast-iron bed.

He is convinced that the image is stuck in the collective memory, which immediately evokes a sense of recognition and recollection. “If you can update such an archetype and let it be reborn with contemporary techniques, you have the best of both worlds: the secure feeling of the past intertwined with the luxury and comfort of today.”

Roel Vandebeek

When I travelled to France as a child with my parents and we stopped at an antique dealer on the way, there were always parts and pieces of those typically charming French beds in a corner somewhere.

Dreaming of a Starry Night

By 'projecting' the image of the French bed onto a sleek, upholstered footboard and headboard, the 'then' and 'now' are brought together. With the right choice of fabric and padding, elegant lines are created thanks to the shadow play with the stitching line. The signature Magnitude craft becomes a means of communication between bed and person, so to speak.

The layering of the design is also very interesting. The design does not impose itself. Only when you get closer, you discover the true essence. This makes the dialogue between product and user more interactive and dynamic. It's not a bed you can just walk past, it automatically strikes a chord in your memory. A melancholy chord that awakens emotions.

From stylish anthracite to dreamy azure

Starry Night is available in two types of fabric both of which add an extra dimension to the design. The Lainosa Fabric has the sophisticated look of a wool felt fabric made from 100% polyester. Lainosa was selected in a total of six shades, from neutral beige, warm brown, stylish anthracite, inspiring midnight blue to a bright orange.

The Eternal Velvet Fabric creates extra depth thanks to the velour with mohair look. This fabric also comes in six shades: neutral ecru, chic anthracite, bronzy gold, absinthe green, warm orange and dreamy azure. With the darker colours, the play between presence and absence is more exciting. The lighter colours, on the other hand, more quickly evoke the secure feeling of nostalgic memory.

Roel Vandebeek

I couldn't help but think of Don McLean's song 'Starry, Starry Night'. I lie in my bed, look out the window at the stars and I feel at home. I want to evoke that feeling of coming home.

About Roel Vandebeek

Designer Roel Vandebeek comes from a creative family. At home he was surrounded by art and because his father is a ceramist, there was always clay on the table. He also soon discovered a great interest in technology. Roel studied product design, because for him, it is the ideal combination between art and design.

His designs always start from identity. They are original, surprising products, objects and installations with a touch of humour. The technical specifications of a product often serve as inspiration for its design.