Compose your ideal bedroom with a personal dream board full of inspiration

Get inspired with a dream board

In today's world driven by a digital environment full of impulses and push notifications, an excellent night's sleep in the best conditions is invaluable. Everyone wants a comfortable bedroom that helps to relax. Ideally, the bedroom’s style is also completely of our own choosing.

Magnitude provides an innovative, digital way to start putting together your ideal sleeping environment. With our dream board, you gather inspiration, interesting products and personal favourites to start creating the bedroom for a perfect night’s sleep. It’s easy and efficient because your time is valuable.

Step 1: Gather inspiration

You can find everything on our website, a one-stop shop for your sleeping interior. On the website, you will find our complete offer with a wide range of mattresses, box springs, headboards and footboards, decorative accessories, and so much more. Browse through our collections and let your imagination run wild. Do you see the little hearts near the images? They are the key to capturing your favourite handmade Magnitude products.

No time or desire to browse through all the online collections? We have a solution for that too. On our Inspiration page, we provide finished bedroom interiors in various styles. All the included products are offered through our shops. Swipe through all the details and indicate those which are your favourites with the hearts to add them to your dream board.

Step 2: Finish your vision board

Have you picked your favourites? At the top, you can surf directly to your dream board, where you get an overview of everything you have selected. If necessary, you can delete things, and then start putting together the bed of your dreams.

Dream, design, create – the journey to your perfect bedroom starts with a digital Magnitude dream board.

Step 3: Share your dream board with others

Are you still in doubt or do you wish to convince your partner of your choices? In just a few clicks, you can send the dream board to your mailbox. Are you rock solidly convinced? Then immediately send everything to one of the Magnitude shops in your area. They will be happy to help you. At the same time, you can also book a visit to the shop, if you want.

Easy, right?

Thanks to Magnitude's digital dream board, you can bring your dreams to life. Get started with our collections and our inspiring designs and take charge of your sleeping comfort. Let your personal style shine in the bedroom with Magnitude's unique and innovative service.