Trends of 2024. Meaningful Earth in colour and texture

23 June 2023

Half of 2023 has already passed. An ideal moment to take a look at the future and see what next year will bring. What are the trends of 2024 for those aiming to redecorate the bedroom?

Down to earth

Everything seems to be revolving around earthiness. Both in terms of colour and texture. Pieces of furniture and decoration become a little more rugged and rustic. We step away from the chaos, imbalance and wilder atmosphere in our rooms.

The focus will be on finding balance, peace and the need to enter into a certain sense of connection with nature. This as a countermovement to the crises and insecurity our society has experienced in recent years.

Organic shapes

The Meaningful Earth-trend aims for a kind of primal feeling. Furniture is created lower to re-establish a closer connection to earth. In terms of design, everything feels very organic. Perfection is not at the core of interior design. It’s all about raw feelings, rough shapes and a perception of irregularity.

Environment-friendly mindset

The materials used are rather natural and crude. They often have an environmentally friendly or recycled origin. Examples are stone, minerals, ceramics, coconut, jute, cotton, pressed recycled leather, clay, loam or irregular glass.

Are you also dreaming of this trend?

Earthy colours and patterns

For accessories, the colour chart is mainly based on shades of brown. But these colours are not so suitable for flowers and plants, so the colour palette for those elements has been adapted. Light yellow and salmon shades, along with dark and grey-green tones represent the colour chart for flowers and plants.

The pattern designs also show a distinct natural character, subtly integrating spot patterns, fossil prints and stripes. The stripe patterns evoke associations with the layers of the earth.