Boost your sleep by walking more!

8 October 2021

Getting enough sleep is important for your health. After all, after a good night's sleep, you feel fit and rested again. Adults therefore need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a day to function optimally. However, with all the hustle and stress of daily life, this is sometimes easier said than done. However, you can improve your sleep in a simple way, namely by taking more walks.

Autumn, the ideal time for a walk. Nice and relaxing, and you get the splendour of the beautiful autumn colours for free!

Less stress, more sleep ... long live hiking

Like any physical activity lasting more than half an hour, walking also starts to release certain hormones (endorphins, dopamine, serotonin...). And? Well, those hormones affect your mood, your stress levels, your anxiety and your enjoyment. Believe us, with every step you take you'll perk up a bit more ... and so you also sleep better, your body recovers better from daily fatigue and you feel spry again.

Resetting your biological clock

By taking regular walks, you reset your biological clock correctly. Even half an hour of walking a day is enough to significantly increase your sleep quality and prevent certain diseases.

Pump your lungs full of oxygen

Walking uses a lot of muscles, and this has a direct effect on your breathing. A good walking posture (straight torso, your head raised, swinging your arms) is ideal for opening up your chest nicely. This way, you will breathe deeper and consume more oxygen. And it doesn't stop there. You walk outdoors, preferably in pleasant and light-rich surroundings, which is very calming. The perfect medicine against stress and insomnia!