ALEXANDRE by Jean-François D’Or

A sleep world bundled into one concept: the Alexandre. A modular bed system that can be adapted to the user's needs. Limited Edition 2010.

Year 2010

A sleep world bundled into one bed concept: the Alexandre. A modular bed system that can be adapted to the user's needs. “A very comfortable project to work on, literally. After all, I made the first sketches after I had settled into bed,” says Jean-François D'Or.

Rest and time as pure luxury

A place to unwind and to create space and time for yourself. Breakfast in bed, intimate cuddling, quiet and peaceful. “For me, that's what luxury stands for. It is also a place where you collect memories, where clothes linger, and personal items are given a place.” Jean-François D'Or was inspired by nostalgia. Small objects that deserve a place and belong in corners and on cupboards.

Jean-François D'Or

It all reminded me a bit of a 1960s French film ‘Alexandre le bienheureux’, in which the main character controls his entire life from his bed.

Elegance in every element

The 'Alexandre' project is an elegant bed that can be assembled modularly and thanks to various accessories. The head of the bed consists of a storage case that can function as a bedside table or a cupboard. The three different compartments are closed with an oak tablet.

The multifunctional cushions are a perfect fit and also fit into the storage hatch. They allow the head of the bed to be converted into a comfortable backrest for sitting upright. This sitting position is inspired by the sloping backrest of a comfortable sofa.

Wrap yourself in the cosy warmth

The cushions can even be used as a pouf or as a side table next to the bed on which a stable copper tabletop can be placed. Once turned over, this can be transformed into a tray to serve breakfast. To complete the warm, cosy and tender feeling, the bed can be finished with a plaid in pure wool and mohair. Inspired by an oversized pullover or cosy knitwear, it invites the user to curl up in it completely.

Individual habitat

The bed as a habitat where it is pleasant to come home. With this in mind, Jean-François D'Or developed a sleek and elegant concept. Consequently, the Alexandre bed is finished with the necessary details. “For me, a luxury bed is synonymous with the use of noble and authentic materials,” says Jean-François D'Or.

About Jean-François D'Or

“For me, the bed is the ideal place to think. During the day, I like to retreat there to write down ideas. It is a very personal setting. That's why I didn't want to impose a style. Instead, I used essential shapes that can be personalised with colour. Hence the very neutral and fresh shades such as white, yellow, mint green and chocolate brown. It forms the basis for individualisation. The ideal starting point to furnish the sleeping area to your own taste and with the necessary details.”